The world of digital printing

How does it work

with all the advantages

What does the customer need?

Are you looking for another printer or need a better price on paper and Ink? Do you want to sell your printer?

A customer is most of the time is approaching us with a problem that needs to be solved.

  • A printer that is not fast enough anymore
  • Looking for better Ink and Paper prices
  • Needs to buy more printers and looking form refurbished options
  • Advise about how to optimize the whole digital printing process
We first make an inventory along with the customer. We don't want to sell the most expensive printing equipment but the equipment that is the best investment. If you want to sell your current printers, than Dtex has the network to sell it for you and find the pefect match. We offer a fair price and are able to service the printers ourselves and make them ready for the market so it can be sold again. 

What we do

If you want to sell a digital printer than we first follow the following procedure

The procedure;

  1. We send you a form for the basic questions
  2. The price you are asking for it
  3. Pictures 
  4. Our Offer
  5. Deal intention
  6. Physical check of the machine by us
  7. Deal or no Deal
We only buy machines that can be good refurbished to make sure another customer can expect the perfomance required. 

We offer the best solutions, because we are independent

One stop shopping for digital printing

Our expertise is:

  • Digital printing equipment new and second hand
  • Beste Ink and paper prices 
  • Second hand machines with quality quarantee
  • Offering service and solving printing problems
  • The best price for the best printing equipment

We have a network that is able to create the best digital printing solution for our customers.

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