Creating new opportunities

with our TOOLBOX

New ideas that enable you to have additional articles suitable for your sports club

Our retailers can ask for a special article where the sportsclub is asking for, because it cannot be ordered from a catalogue for example.

Those articles can be useful for a new market or complementary to the existing market. In the digital sublimation industry we can develop new ideas quicker than working with dyed fabrics. 

With our "TOOLBOX" we are developing those articles, because it is not only textile. It is how to use the Textile and what kind of combinations we can make. Every day there are new article developments on textiles that also can be used for more markets than where initially the article development started for.

We offer the best solutions, because we are independent

One stop shopping for digital printing

Our expertise is:

  • Digital printing equipment new and second hand
  • Beste Ink and paper prices 
  • Second hand machines with quality quarantee
  • Offering service and solving printing problems
  • The best price for the best printing equipment

We have a network that is able to create the best digital printing solution for our customers.

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