A new way of thinking

With more opportunities

The possibilities of the digital technique are endless

Looking to expand to other markets of create more market within your own market?

Dtex has not only equipment solutions but also a lot of knowledge of new development that can increase you turnover and market opportunities. Another advantage is our network, because somethimes a customer is looking for a solution to produce a specific product. We have most of the time another company in ouir network that can produce it for a better price so you don't need to invest.  

We are independant and looking for a long term relationship with our customers. Dtex wants to be a partner and not only a supplier and we believe in sharing knowledge to increase your performance. We are not a "trader" in second hand machines but giving second machines a second live that suits the customer and in the process offering more solutions that will save cost and improve the workflow. 

We offer the best solutions, because we are independent

One stop shopping for digital printing

Our expertise is:

  • Digital printing equipment new and second hand
  • Beste Ink and paper prices 
  • Second hand machines with quality quarantee
  • Offering service and solving printing problems
  • The best price for the best printing equipment

We have a network that is able to create the best digital printing solution for our customers.

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